Conversations on Twitter

Please join us from 8 to 9pm on the first Monday of every month for #CareConvos on Twitter on the first Monday of the month

Monday 6th april 2020 – Ongoing relationships with carers and prACTITIONERS.

Come along if you are:

  • Care experienced
  • A social worker
  • A kinship or foster carer
  • A residential care worker
  • A teacher
  • A designated safeguarding lead
  • Working for a Virtual School
  • A researcher
  • Or just interested!

Our past #CareConvos:

Click on the link to be directed to a summary of what happened.

Monday 23rd March Special #CareConvos. We’re checking in with each other, sharing coping strategies and pooling the many resources that exist out there to support the care community. Highlights via this MOMENT

Monday 2nd March: Disclosure – Discussing how being care experienced affects employment and what benefits/downsides there are to disclosure. Highlights via this MOMENT.

Monday 3rd February: Wellbeing – what we mean by wellbeing and what we can do to support the wellbeing of care experienced people. Highlights via this MOMENT or this WAKELET

Monday 6th January: What we want to achieve – individually and collectively in 2020. Highlights via this WAKELET.

Monday 2nd December: Support during transitions – i.e. primary to secondary school / out of care / post 25. Highlights via this MOMENT.

Monday 4th November: Relationships! You can see the highlights via this moment.

Monday 7th October: Care experience and language. You can see the highlights via this Twitter moment.

Monday 2nd September: how we might improve practice with care experienced people. Click here for: REFLECTIONS on #CareConvos Engaged Research.

Monday 5th August: how to support the education of children in care! You can see the highlights via this Twitter moment. Or click here for: Reflections from #CareConvos